PagBrasil / APACPAY and PagBrasil Broaden the Options for Cross-Border Transactions in Brazil

March 21, 2019

APACPAY and PagBrasil Broaden the Options for Cross-Border Transactions in Brazil

PagBrasil partners with APACPAY to offer flexible payment services for Asian e-commerce businesses selling into LatAm’s largest market

PagBrasil, a leading Brazilian fintech company processing payments for e-commerce businesses worldwide, announces a strategic partnership with APACPAY, a Singapore-based payment service provider which owns a comprehensive range of products and services providing merchants with customized full-service solutions. The integration of the two platforms is now finalized and APACPAY’s clients can start benefiting from the broadest set of local payment options.

As a full-service payment platform focused on the Brazilian market, which represents more than 40 percent of all e-commerce revenues in LatAm, PagBrasil has created a comprehensive infrastructure for the Brazilian market. Its proprietary payment platform provides services ranging from payment processing and money collection to currency exchange and cross-border remittances. A wide array of payment methods, including Boleto Flash®, PEC Flash™, local debit cards, and installment-enabled domestic credit cards, enable merchants to provide optimized payment according to local paying habits.

“Brazil’s e-commerce market has not ceased to attract international attention in the past few years and is now back at double-digit growth rate. However, the market’s particularities in terms of payment methods, as well as the country’s regulatory framework and its overly complex tax system, can restrict market entry,” explains Ralf Germer, co-founder and co-CEO at PagBrasil. “This partnership is a logical step towards enabling merchants to expand to Brazil more easily. APACPAY’s extensive merchant network can now efficiently sell in Brazil, offering local payment methods through PagBrasil’s payments platform.”

APACPAY’s payment technology provides merchants with an innovative payment solution with a strong focus on delivering best in class payment processing. Its payment gateway delivers a complete solution to consumers globally to process transactions efficiently and securely. It intelligently routes transactions across acquirers and provides immediate accesses to more than 200 alternative payment methods around the world. APACPAY’s latest risk management service, i-RiskCloud, deploys big data and artificial intelligence effectively to combat daily fraud attempts, predicting fraud patterns to protect merchants from potential losses.

“The partnership with PagBrasil further enhances APACPAY’s position as a leader in bridging businesses to payment technologies in emerging markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. By combining the open technology of both our companies, merchants can look forward to more robust connectivity and a proven conversion rate that is unparalleled,” says Gavin Byron, Chief Operation Officer APACPAY.

March 21, 2019 / Written by Bianca Lopez - Follow @biancatlopez

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APACPAY to offer Indonesia domestic payment methods through DOKU



Singapore, March 19, 2019- APACPAY, Singapore-based Fintech enterprise focusing on payment technology, funds management and fraud management, announced today the strategic partnership with DOKU, a leading Indonesian payment service provider, to help cross-border merchants access the strong and growing Indonesian e-Commerce market by offering consumer-friendly payment solutions.

The e-Commerce market in Indonesia is estimated to grow to the range of USD $55-$65 billion by 2022, according to McKinsey . In 2017, Indonesia’s e-Commerce market was just valued at USD $8 billion. If McKinsey’s projection is accurate, it would mean the value of Indonesia’s e-commerce market is to increase nearly eight-fold between 2017 and 2022. Statista’s data indicates that there are currently 31.65 million e-Commerce users in Indonesia, with an additional 22.24 million users expected to be shopping online by 2022.

This growth of e-Commerce consumption has attracted attention from both local Indonesian and international e-Commerce sellers into the country. However, ineffective collection methods are a challenge for international sellers in the mainly cash based country. APACPAY seeks to address this challenge of international merchants with a strategic partnership with DOKU.

DOKU currently provides digital payment services for over 35,000 merchants with direct connection to most local major banks in Indonesia. This partnership enables international merchants intending to expand into Indonesia to offer localized payment options such as DOKU Wallet, Virtual Accounts, Online Banking and Convenience Store payments, with a cost-effective and hassle-free onboarding process. Virtual Account (68%) or bank transfer is the most popular and fastest growing payment method among Indonesians, followed by Convenience Store payment (19%). The DOKU Wallet, aiming to create financial inclusion for the majority of Indonesians, allows consumers to top up their account via ATM, through cash at selected convenience stores, or by linking it up with their credit cards. Customers can then make online and offline payments without a credit card or bank account.

APACPAY’s AlphaGate is an independent and PCI certified payment gateway for all merchants. Connecting to global acquirer networks and offering more than 200 alternative payment methods. It intelligently routes transactions across acquirers to reduce costs and help merchants increase conversions from buyers worldwide. In addition, with our multi-currency acquiring capabilities, customers can choose to pay in their preferred currency. Via this partnership with DOKU, APACPAY will provide merchants with Indonesian buyers’ preferred local payment methods, which will greatly optimize payment success ratio and increase revenue.

“Indonesia had experienced phenomenal growth in the digital economy and the young growing population with increasing disposable income are increasing their expenditure online. Recent investments from the likes of Alibaba and in leading e-Commerce platforms are clear indications that Indonesia is poised for robust growth. We see significant value in alliance with DOKU, which will broaden and deepen our digital payment capabilities in emerging markets. Localized payment methods are crucial when it comes to cross-border business, and merchants failing to cater to local purchasing preferences will fall at the final hurdle. Partnering with local experts is one of our key strategies for APM acceptance, we are delighted to team up with DOKU in propelling enterprises towards their corporate goals.” Gavin Byron, COO, APACPAY.

About DOKU

Established in 2007, DOKU is the first provider of electronic payment and risk management services in Indonesia. PCI level certified and supervised by Bank Indonesia, DOKU is serving over 35,000 merchants of all sizes by providing diverse and secure payment options. With deep understanding of local payment challenges, market insights and industry demands, DOKU aims to provide financial access and build financial identity for the under-banked population.


APACPAY, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Singapore, is a rising Fintech enterprise with deep focus on emerging markets across Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

APACPAY’s product innovation strategy is redefining the tri-mension of payments through our bespoke proprietary solution which covers Gateway, Fraud Management and Money Transfer.

Our aim is to connect people to businesses to emerging markets and into the future by delivering the widest array of local payment methods in each emerging region, and by providing comprehensive local payment advice that adds value for our merchants.

[i]The Digital Archipelago: How Online Commerce is Driving Indonesia's Economic Development, McKinsey, Aug 2018

[ii], Statista, 2017

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